Obsession & sediments

My obsession with your touch is like the sediments in bottled water.
It hibernates peacefully, deep down in the gallows of my skin, until a whirlpool of events ruffles its composure, churning the fragments of you out of their sleep.
I feel them climb to the surface of my skin, with the most unstable steps.
I taste the bitter havoc that they spill.
For an hour. For a day. For a week. Until they fall back into a slumbering memory.
Each time this tiered process takes longer than usual, causing me more pain than most times, I indulge myself in a game.
I shake a bottle of water, on and on, heavily and then heavier.
The peaceful pause in the water shreds into a thousand pieces.
And I watch the sediments on the floor of the bottle, pushing themselves to the top, leaving the water baffled for some time.
Then much like a spent up force, they fall back to the bottom of the bottle. The sediments retreating at to the core of the bottle, appears to me like some unpronounced prophecy, assuring me that these moments of discomfort are a phase in its passing. 

Sky has its limits

Nothing is permanent in life. Today what you are so proud of maybe not be yours the next day. Today what you say will live together with you for the rest of the life, may not be able to withstand the wrath of a storm even.
That’s what is portrayed through the lines above in the quote.
You see clouds, you see the kites flying, birds fluttering across the sky, airplanes taking off, the sun shining brightly through the day, the moon changing its position frequently, the stars sparkling and many more tiny details than the words can describe. But, does it stay forever? It’s a matter of some time, maybe some hours or some days, and the vast stretch of the landscape over your head changes. Sometimes it adds more color or sometimes it gets dull. It keeps surprising you every moment now and then.
The water bodies all across which are a reflection of this skies paint itself in whatever color the sky wraps itself in.
Such is life. You cannot hold on to something forever and claim it will forever be yours. You have to learn to let go, sometimes. Who knows there’s a surprise waiting for you around the corner? Don’t fix yourself in one place. Learn to let go.
Look up above. Look at the sky….and sing the famous lines from Coldplay:
“Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars
Cause you light up the path.
I don’t care, go on and tear me apart
I don’t care if you do
Cause in a sky, ’cause in a sky full of stars
I think I saw you
Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view,…..”
Sing along & stay happy.

Half-cooked stories

Some friends are unique.
Some we fall in love with.
Some we tend to depend on.
Some becomes a part of our life.
Some never leave us.
Some are there just to share happiness.
Some becomes a distant acquaintance.
Some are here to love.
Some we share everything with.
And the list goes on and on and on. But you can’t name all the relationships because it doesn’t need to be named always. You don’t need to give it a tag. The important thing is to understand the importance, to respect each other, look out for one another, be there in the most difficult of times and also to stand by when the other one is facing a challenging time. Try to be there equally at good times and also in the bad phases of life. We’ll grow together. Stay together. That’s the way friendship works. That’s the way things should be. We are all missing our friends in this phase of life. Social distancing can work with relatives but how do we distance socially ourselves from these friends? Trust me, everything will be over and we all will be again hugging each other around. A few more days. Just a few more moments to miss. Time will change. And all will be again back in track. Again time will come to make memories memorable and make some new friends. So next time keep in mind, enjoy the best of the moments with them, spend as much time as possible. Let go off your ego.
Give a hug.

Boring life

Before Corona happened, for most but not for all, life was simple, easy-going, smooth, yet we complained. We found out difficulties that were not there. We were busy looking for problems and discussing them. We deliberately overlooked solutions that were present right in front of us. Happiness lost its colour and value. We complained about life being dull and grey. We had friends, colleagues, work, places to go to, neighbors to talk to, restaurants for dining in, a job to save, a family to look up to, a loved one to hold on to, yet we said ‘Life is boring’.
So, how’s life treating you now?
There’s no life now, the only thing that’s remaining is the boring part. With nowhere left to go, with no one to talk to, with no left to share our joy with, with no one left to walk together with, life is dull, now. And to make it even more miserable, we have to hide our faces also. No one knows what’s in store for us, how much more pain we have to bear, how many days more do we have to suffer.
Most of us didn’t respect or value when we had a life, but we chose to tag it ‘boring. However now what you call ‘boring’, is our life.
Share kindness.
Stay home.
Stay safe.
When all of this gets over, and we become free again, remember to enjoy every single moment of your ‘Life’, love it and live it as if that’s your last day on the planet.

International Mother’s Day

Today’s a special day. A day which falls short of praising her, celebrating her, or showering her with gifts. Lucky are those, who have that someone special to dedicate this day to. Our heart gets grief-stricken whenever we think of someone, who has to live without this special lifelong companion. So, we request every-one of you reading this, to celebrate this special day together and give those unfortunate people an opportunity to feel the warmth, care, and affection that you get. Because every soul deserves to get loved and there’s no greater love than that between a mother and child.
You are lucky to have her in your life. Thank Him always and pray for her. When you start taking her for granted remember the ones that didn’t even get the opportunity to call out ‘MOM’ in their entire lifetime.
So, today’s story is about having her in one’s life as a constant companion and also realizing the importance of that soul when she’s not there beside you.
Note: The story attached, has been written during the time when the author’s mother has been away for some time. Not everyone will be able to relate to this as the story is very particular but I hope everyone will be able to comprehend the emotion of this piece.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you and especially those superhuman beings out there.

Coff-sea: An experience worth sipping

While scurrying the shadows of yesternight’s dreams, daylight ran into the eastern sky. It’s glowing skin diffused in the dark void, gradually illuming it.  The half-opened window ushered in a first few editions of the sun’s grace, cased in a golden tint. They perched on the stale wrinkles of the white bed sheet.
Meanwhile, hiding from the intense glare of the stereotypical morning, a bundle of white mist hurried out of the white mug, and concealed themselves behind those folds on the bedsheet.
Casting a half-hearted smile at these intricate shenanigans, his hands clutched the handle of the white mug. He mind was like a bird wearing a broken wing. It quested to glide to far off places, yet the shackles of reality tied him down to the ground.
Unaware of themselves, his lips touched the threshold of the mug, that his hand had lifted up to them. His tongue rendezvoused with the content in the cup. His taste buds were flabbergasted by the unusual flavour, that they were soaking. It was not the conventional bitterness of coffee. Rather, it was salty.
His nose was bamboozled as a scent similar to that worn by the sea, encompassed it. His brain didn’t know what to think. It tried to refute the salty taste and blur the sea-like aroma. But his mind, it was was a bandit in a crowd of obedient organs dwelling under his skin. His mind was a nemesis of his brain.  His mind embraced the appearance of the sudden scent belonging to the sea and the saltiness that ruled it.
It was now for his eyes to peek into the white mug. They threw a casual glance at the mug in anticipation to spot a dark brown liquid. But…
What was this spectacle that the white mug presented? It wasn’t the brown complexioned liquid! Playing in the confines of this glass mug were the bestial waves of the sea. His pupils dilated as they absorbed an inkling of azure from the sea that lay in front of them. 
A ripple of wetness lashed against his mind, loosening the shackle of compulsion that kept it down. The broken wings had healed. The bird was finally ready to delve the depth of its deepest longings. And its heart was prepared to grab a speck of reality from the crowd of mirages.

We have been stranded in our home all across the world for over months now with nowhere to go and nothing to do. So this post is dedicated to all those crazy wanderers or vagabonds out there whose O2 (oxygen) has been cut off. Having the first sip of coffee can sometimes taste different and who knows it might be the sea waters or the waves breaking on the edge of your cup. Impossible is nothing. Close your eyes and feel the breeze flowing past you or the sudden gust of cold mystic wind blowing away your hat. When you can’t visit the shore, bring the sea home.


Gender-based locker rooms

So, A Happy Woman’s Day to all those beautiful pearls, white, pink, chocolate, purple, lavender or black (and the list goes on) whichever colour you have painted yourself in.
It’s not about believing and assigning one particular day to be regarded as ” special” for women and then every day causing harm, pain and disrespecting them. It’s not about proving to one another who’s the superior one. It’s not about throwing stones and playing the blame game. It’s not about falling in love together one day and the very next day demeaning each other cause you both realise the purpose has been served. We are not here to praise any one particular sect of the society but to remind ourselves and others, it’s upon us and only us to keep the humanity alive. So that people can still have faith on us, so that the creator doesn’t have to repent on His/Her decision why had he sent Adam and Eve that day.
We should learn to co-exist. One cannot survive without the other. There has to be harmony within and amongst us. Doing someone harm or causing them pain isn’t going to change anything but only more suffering will be waiting somewhere around the corner for us. Be careful because once a legend said, “What goes around, comes around.” So why practice hate? If you don’t love or like anyone anymore it doesn’t mean you have to hate him/her. The person you loved once doesn’t become a terrorist if the feeling changes eventually. Grow as a human being. Cause love is the greatest religion you can ever follow. Respect others. Respect others choices.
Stay together. Stay safe. And stay happy because at the end that’s all that matters, whether you are happy or not?
Smile and let other’s smile.